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Allergist Birmingham

Allergist Birmingham

Dr. Scott Roberston, an experienced ENT and facial plastic surgeon, is dedicated to serving the Birmingham area and the state of Alabama. His office staff offers patients treatments for afflictions concerning the ears, nose, and throat, as well as allergist testing and immunotherapy.

Many people suffer from allergies. While some may have less severe allergy symptoms, some may lead to more severe symptoms. Some symptoms, such as swelling of the mouth, throat, and tongue, can even lead to difficulty breathing and swallowing. Aside from this, some people may experience allergies that lead to hives and abdominal pain. Seeing an allergist so you can avoid unpleasant outbreaks could potentially save your life.

Dr. Robertson's experienced allergists strive to offer patients same-day allergy testing for environmental and food allergies. To utilize same-day allergy testing, patients need to stop all antihistamines five days before their appointment. By offering patients same-day allergy testing, you can find solutions to your allergy-related problems quicker and with less hassle, which is especially helpful for those who travel to Birmingham for Dr. Robertson.

In severe allergy cases, Dr. Robertson's office also offers patients allergy shots. This is known as conventional immunotherapy or rush immunotherapy. The immunotherapy options are administered onsite for your convenience; however, accommodations can be made for those who travel and for students who are away from home. We also offer extended office hours for all patients receiving allergy testing and immunotherapy. You never have to suffer from your allergies again, knowing Dr. Robertson's staff has you covered.

If you are struggling with allergies, whether it is food or environmental, call Dr. Robertson today to schedule your appointment. Dr. Robertson has the Birmingham area covered and is ready to help resolve all your allergy-related problems.