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What is ClariFix®?

What is ClariFix®? - What is ClariFix®?

24 million Americans reportedly suffer from some form of chronic nasal congestion or a runny nose, formally called Chronic Rhinitis. While medicine might be a viable treatment for some people, surgical relief might be a better option for others.

What is ClariFix®?
ClariFix® is a cutting-edge minimally-invasive cryosurgical device used to treat the root causes of chronic nasal congestion and runny noses. Cryotherapy, and cryosurgery, in particular, use the extreme cold to destroy diseased tissue.

Arrinex, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based medical device company which developed the technology, states, "ClariFix is the first and only medical device to be FDA cleared for adults with Chronic Rhinitis."

The Procedure
During the procedure, the patient's nose is numbed for about 10-15 minutes before a small wand that uses extremely cold temperatures is inserted into the nasal cavity and applied to the target tissue. The cryosurgical treatment takes about 30 seconds on both sides of the inside of the nose.

Why is ClariFix® used?
ClariFix® is used because it is safe, can be performed in the doctor's office, and has minimal recovery time. For example, a person can often return to work on the same day as the procedure. And compared to medicinal therapies, which aren’t always effective and may come with side effects, ClariFix® offers a patient more sustained relief.

Chronic Rhinitis
When a person suffers from Chronic Rhinitis, whether due to an allergic or nonallergic reaction, the mucous membrane inside their nasal cavity is frequently swollen, or inflamed. While inflammation is a natural protective response of the body, the swelling is what produces congestion and runny noses that are so common during cold winter months or when the pollen is high.

Fast Recovery
Cryosurgery also preserves the connective collagen fibers, destroying only the inflamed problematic tissue, allowing for faster recovery. And the reported pain is minor, further making ClariFix® an attractive option.

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