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Nasal symptoms bothering you?

Do you suffer from frequent runny nose, congestion and post-nasal drip even when you aren’t sick? You may have a condition called Allergic Rhinitis. Dr. Robertson offers a unique treatment solution for adults with these frustrating chronic rhinitis symptoms.


ClariFix® Cryotherapy

Using cold treatment called ‘cryotherapy’, the ClariFix® device goes to the root of the problem: the inflamed nasal lining and underlying nerves that are causing your symptoms. During the treatment, the ClariFix® device delivers cold temperatures to the out of balance nerves in the back of the nose, stopping the source of your symptoms for lasting relief.

The ClariFix® solution is:

  • FDA cleared
  • Minimally invasive (no cutting)
  • Performed in our office
  • Most same day recovery



Say goodbye to the tissue box!