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Skin Cancer Patient Testimonial

Skin Cancer Removal - Elaine's Story

In about March of 2010, I saw a dermatologist. I had a spot on the outside corner of my left eye that I just didn’t like. She was afraid to touch it, so she recommended Dr. Robertson to take a look at it. The first visit with Dr. Robertson, he took a biopsy. It proved to be a carcinoma. We decided to do surgery. The surgery was performed at MedPlex Outpatient Surgery Center. I had some options on the surgery as far as how to be put to sleep, and we decided on general anesthesia. That would work best. Dr. Robertson had a pathologist in the room with him so he would take some, have it tested, take some more, have it tested, until he got to clear margins.

My dermatologist recommended Dr. Robertson because he’s also a facial plastic surgeon. And she knew that whatever issues would be dealt with that being in the corner of my eye, he could take care of. I understand there was quite a hole left, so he had to basically reconstruct the corner of my eye.

The surgery took roughly two hours to remove the cancer and correct the defect in the corner of my eye. I’m very happy with the result. There’s no scar. You can barely see it. I wish he’d do the other eye. Dr. Robertson has removed several lesions—a few have been cancerous. The good thing is he was able to do them all in the office. It’s been very easy getting here to Dr. Robertson’s office. His staff is wonderful. He has great people working for him. Downtime is minimal. I would tell anybody that’s concerned about a spot to go get Dr. Robertson to take a look at it. He’s very knowledgeable, and he makes you feel like everything is going to be ok.