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Scott's Story

RFA for Sleep Apnea Treatment - Patient Testimonial

Scott suffered from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. He had trouble staying asleep at night because of tossing and turning and very loud snoring. It began to affect his day-to-day life, making him sluggish during the day because he wasn't getting his rest at night. He had tried using a CPAP before, but it was too uncomfortable for him to sleep with.

Scott came to our Birmingham ENT office for treatment. We performed RFA, or Radiofrequency Ablation of the tongue base. Now, he’s able to stay asleep through the night and finally get the rest he needed.

"Hi my name's Scott. I was recommended by a friend of mine to Scott Robertson, and I would recommend Scott Robertson to you to get your procedure done. Prior to RFA, I had a hard time sleeping at night—tossing and turning, waking myself up, snoring. People said I shook the walls and sounded like a bear. I was real sluggish most of the day, tired most all the time, hard to get motivated all the time.

Recovery’s very very short, as far as you walking around. I’d go to dinner. Right after I’d get out of here, I’d go to lunch, so that’s about maybe a couple hours after. It’s not bad at all.

I was a commercial driver for 15 years. I did a lot of saturation diving and gas diving. I had my face in an oral/nasal for a lot of years, and the CPAP was definitely a lot more uncomfortable than having to work four hours in the water with an oral/nasal stuck in my face.

The RFA procedure has enhanced my life tremendously. As far as me going to sleep at night, I go to sleep, I stay asleep, I get up, and go the whole day without getting tired. I would highly recommend this procedure for people with sleep apnea if they want to get to a different place for sure."