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Skin Cancer Patient Testimonial

Skin Cancer Reconstructive Surgery - David's Story

Hello, I'm David Love. I’m an engineer. I work for AT&T. I’ve been there for 26 years, and I have suffered from skin cancer. I first noticed that I had something on the right side of my nose about five years ago. I went to another doctor, had it diagnosed, and turned out it was basal cell carcinoma. The skin cancer was on the right side of my nose; it was on the nostril, and it was about the size of an eraser. I came to Doctor Robertson because I had gone to another doctor, and they had done the Mohs procedure. It came back after about a year, so I wasn’t comfortable going back to the other doctor. I had used Doctor Robertson for other procedures.

When I came in to see Doctor Robertson, he saw the site. It was confirmed that it was basal cell and had returned, that he had a plan—knew where we wanted to go with the donor site from the ear. Set me up to MedPlex and have the procedure done. The staff at the MedPlex was great. Everything went very smoothly. They did the Mohs procedure at the MedPlex, and that’s a procedure where they go in and they’ll take a layer of the skin out. They send it off to the pathologist, and they'll freeze it and they use some kind of dye to tell if they’ve gotten it all. If they haven't, they come back and they take a deeper layer of skin out and they do the same test again. Fortunately for me, they got it on the first try. Everything has healed up great. It's been about four years since the procedure. The donor site’s good. The side of the nose is good. Unless I just point it out to you, you really can't even tell that it’s been done. I came to Doctor Robertson initially because I was comfortable with him and the staff. I would absolutely recommend him to do facial reconstruction for skin cancer on anybody.