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Sleep Apnea Patient Testimonial

RFA for Sleep Apnea - Sandra's Story

Jimmy: I could tell because several times at night, I had to punch her because she’d quit breathing—sometimes, you know, thirty or forty seconds at a time. And she would change positions, and go back to breathing. But also she snored, and it was a real deep type of snoring. But the part where she kept beginning to stop breathing, you know, that was the part that worried me.

Sandra: I was not able to handle a CPAP, and during the day I wanted to either go back to bed or lay down on the sofa and take a nap.

Jimmy: You could definitely tell she had not gotten a good night’s sleep in a long, long period of time because she’d sit in the chair and sort of nod off. And she’d often tell me, “I just need to go back to bed and take a nap.” I can definitely see the change. She didn’t stop breathing anymore at night, and she had a nice, deep rhythm to her breathing, and if she snored it was very, very light. It wasn’t strong and long like it used to be. After three procedures, you can definitely tell the difference.