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Balloon Sinuplasty
Near Trussville, AL

Balloon Sinuplasty
for Sinusitis Relief

Dr. Scott Robertson has been serving patients in need of a balloon sinuplasty for years. Getting you the nasal relief you deserve is our clinic’s number-one goal; with minimally invasive procedures, we make your sinus passages bigger. Our track record for success means that you’ll be able to breathe easy once more and eliminate your pain, congestion, and other symptoms of sinusitis.

How does it work?

** Balloon sinuplasty offers a less invasive alternative to traditional sinus surgery. Contact our ENT to see if you are a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty.

What is Sinusitis?

Impacting the well-being of over 40 million Americans every year, sinusitis is when the nasal cavity becomes inflamed and causes breathing problems. This obstruction further leads to a runny nose, sore throat, loss of smell and taste, swelling, general fatigue, headaches, and believe it or not, bad breath! Sinusitis is a condition usually brought about by a viral infection, but bacteria can also be the culprit along with head trauma, a deviated septum, or the presence of nasal polyps.

Can Balloon Sinuplasty Treat Sinusitis?

People suffering from the symptoms of sinusitis may have undergone less successful treatments, but thankfully, our ENT clinic in Birmingham, a 20-minute drive from Trussville, knows how to treat sinusitis for good. Balloon sinuplasty has a minimal recovery time since it’s not an invasive procedure and generally takes under 70 minutes to perform as an outpatient treatment. With practically zero risks of long-term pain or scarring, balloon sinuplasty is seen by the FDA as a preferable alternative to endoscopic surgery for those who are good candidates.


How severe is your sinusitis?

How Does Balloon
Sinuplasty Work?

Rather than surgically opening the nasal cavity by removing bone and tissue, Dr. Robertson can insert a balloon catheter through the nostril to drain the fluid. With balloon sinuplasty, ENT specialists can gently drain the nasal cavity, proving patients with relief. Balloon Sinuplasty does not involve cutting or nasal packing, and it is not the top procedure used for chronic sinusitis. ENT's near Trussville are now using this procedure over sinus surgery due to its gentle yet effective results.

There are a variety of benefits to having balloon sinuplasty for your chronic sinusitis:

  • The procedure is usually done in-office.
  • There is no bone or tissue removal, as seen with traditional sinus surgery.
  • There is no need to have general anesthesia.
  • It is an excellent option for patients who are ineligible for traditional sinus surgery.
  • It offers is a quick recovery.

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