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PROPEL Sinus Stent in Birmingham AL

Introducing the PROPEL Sinus Stent

PROPEL is placed in the sinus after surgery to promote healing and reduce the need for additional procedures.

  • PROPEL represents a medical breakthrough clinically proven to improve surgical outcomes for chronic sinusitis sufferers.
  • PROPEL is the first and only device clinically shown to keep the sinuses open after surgery, precisely deliver anti-inflammatory medication directly into the healing tissues, and then dissolve.
  • The innovative sinus stent decreases post-operative scarring and inflammation, reducing the need for additional surgical procedure

How severe is your sinusitis?

Don't Just Treat The Symptoms.
Treat The Source.

Sinus surgery with PROPEL is clinically proven to provide relief by targeting inflammation, the primary characteristic of chronic sinusitis.

01 | Opens

After sinus surgery, PROPEL is placed to help prop open the sinus.

02 | Delivers

PROPEL delivers medicine directly to the sinus to reduce inflammation that could block the opening.

03 | Dissolves

As the sinus heals open, PROPEL is designed to dissolve within 45 days.

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