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Are you looking for an expert to help you with all your sinus, allergy, and hearing problems? Drs. Scott Robertson & Ryan Marshall, located just a 15 minute drive from Vestavia Hills, is dedicated to providing patients with the relief they need. Dr. Robertson is also a skilled facial plastic surgeon. He provides patients with a variety of treatments for allergies, sinusitis, hearing disorders, and sleep-related conditions.

Dr. Robertson's ENT specialists in Birmingham, AL offer you a stress-free environment by accommodating those who are traveling to the office for treatments. We offer extended office hours for allergy testing and immunotherapy. No need to worry about missing an appointment again. Patients in Vestavia Hills are sure to have an allergy appointment that fits into their schedule easily.

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Phillip: "We have been treated very nice and we love how sweet,
kind, and caring he is and his whole staff."

Maria: “The doctor is five stars all the way and he’s made a tremendous difference in my son’s ability to breathe!”

Janay – Birmingham: “I feel 10 times better and all of the daily headaches I used to have before I met Dr. Robertson is a thing of the past! I can breathe so much better and I am so grateful!”.

Melinda: “The surgery was so much better than I expected!”

Zachariah: “Dr. Robertson is by far the best ENT I have ever been treated by!”

Brenda: “I had sinus headaches for 25+ years and Dr. Robertson did surgery on me and it is like I have my life back!”


ENT Near Vestavia Hills, AL

Allergies, immune deficiencies, anatomical obstruction, or sinus polyps are all causes of chronic sinusitis. At Dr. Robertson's office, we focus on finding the best treatment for your sinusitis. No one wants to live with the intense pain and pressure that accompanies chronic sinusitis. We even offer on-site balloon sinuplasty for extreme cases. Don't wait another minute to find the relief you need.

Aside from treating sinuses, our ENTs near Vestavia Hills also treat various hearing conditions such as tinnitus, vertigo, and general balance-related problems. The audiologist on-site offers a comprehensive hearing and balance test, so you can regain your hearing abilities.

Whether you are suffering from allergies, sinuses, or hearing loss, or simply need hearing aids, Dr. Robertson's ENT specialists are waiting to help you find relief. Call us today to schedule your appointment. Located near Vestavia Hills, Drs. Robertson & Marshall are happy to serve you.

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