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Hearing Aids Alabaster

Is it Time for Hearing Aids?

Hearing Aids Alabaster

Are you missing out on important information and conversations due to hearing loss? Dr. Roberstson, an experienced ENT, is dedicated to helping patients find a solution for their hearing impairments. Located just a short drive from Alabaster, Alabama, Dr. Roberston offers various hearing aid options, so you can finally regain your hearing.

You have options!

With advanced technology, hearing aids today vary in price, size, and have various special features. Digital hearing aids are most commonly used. Being battery-powered makes digital hearing aids low maintenance and simple to use. Having options allow patients to find the perfect hearing aid for their needs. Are you worried about people seeing your hearing aid? No need to feel self-conscious since hearing aids are much less noticeable and smaller than ever before.

The audiologist with Dr. Robertson offers patients a variety of hearing aids:

  • CIC or completely in the canal hearing aids: These hearing aids are best used by those with mild and moderate hearing loss. They are molded to fit inside the ear canal.
  • ITC or in the canal hearing aids: Ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, these hearing aids are custom-molded and fit partly in the ear canal. While larger than the CIC hearing aids, the ITC hearing aids are still less visible than others. The ITC's also have more features than the CIC hearing aids.
  • BTE or behind the ear hearing aids: These hearing aids are what you might think of when you picture a hearing aid. BTE hearing aids hook over the tip of the ear to rest behind it. These are used for any type of hearing loss and offer patients a variety of features.
  • ITE or in-the-ear hearing aids: ITE hearing aids have two styles. The first style fills most of the outer ear's bow-shaped area. The second one only fills the lower part of the ear. Both are ideal for mild to severe hearing loss.
  • RIC, receiver in canal, or RITE, receiver in the ear: These hearing aids have tiny wires connecting the receiver to the hearing aid. This makes these two options less visible than other hearing aids.

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Located near Alabaster, Alabama, Dr. Robertson is dedicated to helping patients with their hearing loss. We will provide you with a full evaluation and help you choose the right hearing aid.