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Hearing Aids Hoover

Are hearing aids right for you?

Hearing Aids Hoover

Not being able to hear well can have you feeling frustrated and left out of conversations. Just a short drive from Hoover, Dr. Scott Robertson and staff are dedicated to finding a solution to all your hearing-related problems. Don't let your hearing cause you to miss out on important conversations again.

Hearing aids can enhance your hearing, and there are many new options on the market today. Digital hearing aids are the most commonly used aids. They are battery-powered, so maintenance is simple and convenient.

Finding a hearing aid for you is simple since they vary in price, size, and special features. This allows you to find something that fits your unique needs. Some hearing aids are much less noticeable and smaller due to technological advances, so you never have to feel self-conscious about your hearing aid.

At Dr. Roberstson's, you have a variety of hearing aids to choose from:

CIC or completely in the canal hearing aids: These hearing aids are molded to fit entirely in the ear canal. CIC is perfect for adults with mild and moderate hearing loss.

ITC or in the canal hearing aids: ITC hearing aids are custom molded, but they only fit partly in the ear canal. They are larger than the CIC, but still less visible. The ITC hearing aids are ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, and they have more features than the CIC hearing aids.

ITE or in the ear hearing aids: These hearing aids have two styles: either filling most of the outer ear's bow-shaped area or only the lower part. Both styles are great for those with mild to severe hearing loss.

BTE or behind the ear hearing aids: These are usually what comes to mind when you think of hearing aids. The BTE hearing aids hook over the tip of the ear to rest behind it. It is suitable for any hearing loss, has a variety of features, and can be more amplified than the other types of hearing aids.

RIC, receiver in canal, or RITE, receiver in the ear: RIC hearing aids have tiny wires connecting the receiver to the hearing aid instead of tubing. This makes the RIC hearing aid less visible.

If you are in the Hoover area and think you qualify for hearing aids, call Dr. Robertson today for a full evaluation.

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