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Hearing Aids Near Tuscaloosa, AL

Is it Time for Hearing Aids?

Are you looking into hearing aids in Tuscaloosa, AL, as a result of deteriorated hearing? Don't allow your quality of life to be impaired by the loss of one of nature's most important gifts; protect and restore your hearing to keep both you and those you love safe and to improve your overall well-being. People suffer difficulties needlessly when they accept or settle for their hearing loss. Thankfully, this can be helped with a trained ENT doctor in Tuscaloosa at Dr. Scott Robertson's nearby ENT clinic in Birmingham, which is staffed with the best medical workers in the audiology field. Restore your auditory functionality with experienced and local hearing specialists today.

ENT Clinic Visits & Hearing Aids

When you arrive at our Birmingham hearing aid clinic (less than an hour from Tuscaloosa), you'll be given an evaluation to determine a baseline of your current hearing skills. A battery of questions will be asked relating to your work history and lifestyle, both of which could have impacted your hearing over time. An ENT screening will be performed to make sure that there aren't any hidden illnesses or conditions that could be leading to hearing loss as a secondary effect.

Our ENT clinic also performs audiogram tests. An audiogram test is a test that uses soundproof booths and headphones in order to distinguish between the small performative differences of each of your ears. The test takes less than an hour to perform, won't cause you any hearing damage, and will be insightful for your doctor. Once all of the proper tests are finished, and the results have been analyzed, your ENT doctor will explain to you the recommended course of action.

Hearing aids are recommended when your audiogram test shows that your hearing loss is significant enough. In certain special cases, surgery is recommended. However, this is not the typical first suggestion. For patients who have working or age-related hearing loss, a single or pair of hearing aids are frequently all that's needed. A well-trained ENT doctor in Alabama will make sure that your hearing restoration plan is tailored to your unique conditions and needs.

Hearing Aid Services around Tuscaloosa

Our Birmingham ENT clinic's hearing services include:

  • guidance and education through the complex world of hearing aids and technologies
  • proper hearing aid fitting and operational setup
  • repair recommendations for malfunctioning hearing aids
  • customized earplugs to protect your hearing at work
  • tympanometry services
  • pure tone testing
  • speech recognition services

Contact Dr.Scott Robertson's ENT Clinic Today!

If you need hearing aids in Tuscaloosa, our ENT clinic in Birmingham, AL has the professionalism and expertise required to restore your hearing skills by utilizing the latest listening technologies and testing methods in the industry. Even if your hearing seems relatively unimpaired, it's never too early to start protecting one of the most valuable assets you have: your ears. Schedule an appointment with our hearing aid clinic via email or phone call today!

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Hearing Aids

We Offer A Variety
Of Hearing Aids

  • CIC or completely in the canal hearing aids are molded to fit inside the ear canal. CIC hearing aids are perfect for adults with mild and moderate hearing loss.

  • ITC or in-the-canal hearing aids are custom-molded but only fit partly in the ear canal. ITC hearing aids are larger than the CIC, but still less visible, and they are ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. They also have more features than the CIC hearing aids.

  • ITE or in-the-ear hearing aids have two styles to choose from: either filling most of the outer ear's bow-shaped area or only the lower part. Both styles work well for those with mild to severe hearing loss.

  • BTE or behind the ear hearing aids are usually what one thinks of when thinking of hearing aids. The BTE hearing aids hook over the tip of the ear to rest behind it. It is suitable for any hearing loss, has a variety of features, and can be more amplified than the other hearing aids.

  • RIC, receiver in canal, or RITE, receiver in the ear have tiny wires connecting the receiver to the hearing aid, making the RIC hearing aid less visible.

If you are in the Tuscaloosa area and need help with your hearing, call Dr. Robertson today to book your appointment at our Birmingham office. We offer our patients a full evaluation so you can find the best hearing aid for your specific needs.