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Hearing Aids Near Helena

Are you Ready for Hearing Aids?

Are you near or around Helena, AL, and are having problems with hearing? Don't delay receiving life-changing help and let your daily happiness droop; restore the hearing you lack which keeps you happy and safe. With the aid of a trained hearing doctor, you'll be able to hear clearly once again and eliminate several daily difficulties. Our ENT clinic close by Helena is staffed with expert specialists in the field of audiology who can help you regain your auditory functionality. 

ENT Clinic Appointments and Hearing Aids 

The first thing you'll receive when you arrive at our local hearing aid clinic will be an auditory evaluation to determine your baseline hearing skills. During the evaluation, you'll be asked questions about your work history and other daily activities that might relate to your hearing loss. An ear, nose, and throat screening will also be performed to make sure that there are no insidious illnesses causing your hearing loss as a secondary effect.

Our ENT clinic near Helena also offers audiogram services. An audiogram test is where you are placed inside of a soundproof room while wearing headphones that play noises at varying frequencies and decibels. This will help your local audiologist to determine any differences between each of your ears. The test is harmless at all sound levels, takes under an hour to complete, and will narrow down the potential problems within the complex system that is your inner ear. After your physical examination and audiogram are completed, you'll be recommended a course of action based on the results to restore your lost hearing.

Hearing aids around Helena are prescribed based on the severity of loss of hearing. In the most extreme cases, surgery might be the recommended solution, but since most patients have hearing loss related to their work or their age, hearing aids are usually sufficient. An experienced ENT doctor in Alabama will make sure that your hearing restoration program is customized to address your specific auditory restoration requirements. 

Hearing Aid Services Near Helena

Our local ENT clinic's hearing services and evaluations include:

  • tympanometry services
  • pure tone testing 
  • speech recognition services
  • guidance and education through the complex world of hearing aids and technologies
  • repair recommendations for malfunctioning hearing aids
  • proper hearing aid fitting and operational setup
  • customized earplugs to protect your hearing at work

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Hearing Aids

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If you need hearing aids near Helena, our nearby ENT clinic has the testing methods and experience required to equip you with the right technologies and to perform procedures to restore your quality of life. Even if your hearing is still “good enough,” it's never too soon to protect or improve such an essential human function. Schedule an appointment with our ENT clinic via phone call or email and start protecting your hearing just like it protects you!