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Balloon sinuplasty is one of the more exciting new techniques for chronic sinusitis that has made a significant impact on how ENT physicians treat patients, improving their quality of life. When indicated, balloon sinuplasty is a procedure that involves placing a small balloon device at the opening of the sinus. With gentle inflation of the balloon, the sinus opening can be widened.


How severe is your sinusitis?

Balloon Sinuplasty™ Benefits
& How It Works

  • Safe and less invasive than traditional surgery with no removal of bone or tissue
  • Offers a potential option for patients who fail medical management, but decline or are ineligible for traditional surgery
  • Can be performed in an office setting without the need for general anesthesia
  • Fast recovery time

**If traditional endoscopic surgery has been recommended, see if you might be a potential candidate for balloon sinuplasty™.

Functional Endoscopic
Sinus Surgery

In certain cases, FESS may be recommended. Not only are the sinus outflow tracts usually compromised, but there are usually mucosal thickening and polyp formation within the sinuses themselves. Removal of this tissue is facilitated with the use of fine instrumentation utilizing endoscopes for magnified visualization. Contemporary techniques such as surgical navigation are used in most cases. Newer technologies such as PROPEL steroid eluting stents are also frequently used.

Dr. Robertson has over 20 years of experience and has performed thousands of sinus procedures.

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