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As allergy experts from around Jasper, AL, we understand the value of patients breathing easily while avoiding the anxiety that comes with not knowing how to treat inflamed sinuses safely or effectively on your own. . Dr. Scott Robertson understands that allergies take the fun out of life, especially during the most difficult times in the season. Worse, there are some allergy sufferers who feel as though every season is allergy season. Thankfully, allergy experts near Jasper have the skills needed to bring relief to those suffering from the worst their triggers bring. 

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Allergies can worsen other conditions if left untreated 

Alabama allergists are knowledgeable about several acute allergy triggers and chronic conditions that are made worse by allergies such as: 






Once your sinuses begin to feel stuffy or full, congestion quickly follows and worsens in proportion to your exposure to any triggering substance. Although at first it might seem like a harmless increase in nasal drippage for some, mild allergies can evolve into sore throats, nagging coughs, raspy speech, and more. Allergies worsen over time at random; those who might have mild allergies from pet dander, for example, might have their allergies worsen with regular exposure. 

Not merely restricted to a patient’s airways, allergies affect the skin, the stomach, digestion, and more. Psoriasis and eczema worsen with continued exposure to triggers on dermal layers, causing an itch-scratch cycle that perpetuates the skin condition. Severe itching, reddening of the skin, flaking, infections, and more are the inevitable results. Allergy testing around Jasper will be able to narrow down from the myriad of triggers what’s causing your specific allergic reactions and prescribe treatment accordingly. 

A highly serious reaction known as anaphylactic shock occurs when patients who are exposed to or ingest their triggering substance enter a state of bodily shock. If intervention is not quick to follow, then fatal respiratory failure sets in. It’s important to educate patients on the severity of their bodies and the critical nature of avoiding substances that could trigger such adverse reactions. Epipen education is also provided for patients and caretakers alike so that they’re able to respond quickly and appropriately in such situations. 

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Some more severe symptoms include swelling of the mouth, throat, and tongue, which can sometimes lead to difficulty breathing and swallowing. Some people may even experience hives and abdominal pain from their allergies. Seeing Dr. Robertson for your allergies could help you find the relief you need and potentially save your life.

Allergy Testing and Allergy Shots just a Short Drive from Jasper

Allergy testing in Alabama is done in a controlled environment under the supervision of trained medical staff. Testing for allergies will allow your medical team to narrow down the possible triggers that bother your body and make life uncomfortable. Tests can be narrowed down based on clinical reporting and patient history. Spirometry tests around Jasper are used to test patients’ tolerances for various inhaled substances, for example. Food tolerance elimination testing allows for the body to get the calories and nutrients it needs while still accounting for possible food allergies where certain food items are added back into a patient’s diet in a controlled manner over time. 

Bolstering the body’s natural defenses and resistance to allergens is possible with the help of allergy shots. Top-rated allergists nearby can provide rush immunotherapy for patients with persistent conditions and busy schedules. Selecting allergy shots is a wise way to start building up a body’s tolerance to a triggering substance in a slow, controlled manner. Unique arrangements can be made with our clinic for those who are traveling on business or visiting home from school. 

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Are you ready to take control of your allergies and regain the freedom missing from your life? Dr. Scott Robertson’s nearby ENT clinic is ready to help you get started down the path and walk with you every step of the way. Call or email us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment

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