Is it an Allergy or a Sinus Infection?

Is it an Allergy or a Sinus Infection?

It may not seem important to understand the finer points of the differences between allergies and sinus infections, but there are some important facts to know. When you are able to determine whether you are suffering from a sinus infection or from allergies you will be able to effectively treat the condition and start feeling better more quickly!

Allergy Symptoms

In simplest terms, allergies are a reaction to an outside irritant, such as pollen, dust, chemicals, or pets. Common symptoms of allergies include dry, itchy eyes, sneezing, headaches, and congestion.

Sinus Infection Symptoms

A sinus infection occurs when there is inflammation within the nasal passages. It shares many of the same symptoms as allergies but can also cause pain around the eyes and nose, fever, and yellow-green mucus discharge.

Both ailments are improved by drinking a lot of liquids and resting. Over-the-counter remedies are also effective for decongestion, but serious allergy sufferers will benefit from a medication containing an antihistamine.

It's always a good idea to consult your doctor if you have any symptoms that don't clear up after a day or two or become worse. If you are suffering from a sinus problem, it's important to treat it in a timely manner, no matter the cause of the ailment.

When you know the cause of your sinus problem you will be able to treat it more effectively and get back to enjoying life symptom-free!

Any sinus problem, allergy or infection-related, can make life miserable! If you are experiencing repeated sinus infections or persistent allergies, it's time to come and see Dr. Robertson, call us today to schedule your appointment.