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Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Are you looking for allergy services around Pelham, AL, who knows their way about the nose? Don’t settle for impaired or painful nasal issues when the solution is at hand in our ENT clinic! Dr. Scott Robertson helping with the allergy needs of patients near Pelham for decades, serving the public’s desire to solve everything from minor sniffles to major surgical fixes. If your allergies aren’t aided by over-the-counter medications, then you might wish to seek out a specialist in the field of allergies and their treatments.

Quality ENTs such as Dr. Robertson are also familiar with other conditions such as autoimmune disorders, COPD, and migraines and how these can impact the severity of allergies. Generally, the nasal area becomes inflamed and causes congestion when its triggers have been inhaled. This means that a drippy nose and a sinus-induced headache are right around the corner.

Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema are also made more severe with the coexistence of allergic stimuli. Our allergen clinic in Pelham will be able to suss out relationships with co-issues you may have such as atopic dermatitis, reddening of the skin, intolerable itching, and more in relationship with your sinus problems.

However, the real nightmare to avoid when it comes to allergies is anaphylaxis. This happens to those who have a severe allergic reaction to allergic triggers and causes their body to go into shock, respiratory failure, coma, and even death from asphyxiation. Dr. Scott Robertson is equipped with the knowledge to educate patients with critically severe allergies on how to best prevent and react to such an emergency.

Dr. Robertson is able to provide testing for allergic reactions in a safe, controlled environment with the help of caring staff. This will help you narrow down the irritants that are impacting your quality of life the most. A spirometry test is possible in our allergy clinic near Pelham, AL, which will test your reactions to inhaled substances in the form of a “bronchoprovocation challenge test.” You may also undergo minor food tolerance tests to see if elimination dieting is right for your conditions.

Our team of highly-skilled allergy experts near Pelham provides full-panel testing for both environmental and food-based irritants. Rush immunotherapy is an available option alongside conventional immunotherapy as well for those who have chronic conditions. These are colloquially known as “allergy shots” and are given in our allergy clinic close to Pelham. Unique arrangements may be possible for those who are traveling on business trips or away for college.

Are you set to get control over your breathing again? Dr. Scott Robertson’s allergy clinic near Pelham, AL, has helped thousands of people in the greater area with their ENT issues. Reach out to our staff today and see how you can breathe easy once again!

Need A Specialist?

Knowing When
to Consult a Specialist

Some more severe symptoms include swelling of the mouth, throat, and tongue, which can sometimes lead to difficulty breathing and swallowing. Some people may even experience hives and abdominal pain from their allergies. Seeing Dr. Robertson for your allergies could help you find the relief you need and potentially save your life.

Same-Day Allergy Testing

Dr. Robertson's ENTs provide patients with same-day allergy testing for environmental and food allergies, so you are never inconvenienced with multiple trips to the office. To utilize our same-day testing, patients need to stop all antihistamines five days before the visit. Providing patients with same-day testing also allows you to find solutions to all your allergy-related problems faster. 

Allergy Shots — For Severe Allergies

For severe allergies, Dr. Robertson offers patients allergy shots, called conventional immunotherapy or rush immunotherapy. Dr. Robertson's office offers patients in-office allergy shots for your convenience. He also offers extended office hours for those who travel further distances and for students who are away from home. With so many options, you are sure to never suffer from allergies again. Dr. Robertson is genuinely dedicated to helping you find relief and put an end to your allergies.

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