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Balance Testing Around Birmingham, LA

A balance assessment test, also commonly referred to as a vestibular assessment, is a battery of tests to determine the presence of balance disorders. Balance disorders involve conditions where you might feel unsteady on your feet or generally dizzy 24/7. They can range from mild and inconvenient to severe and disabling which causes trouble with climbing stairs, walking, and generally other day-to-day tasks. Although they’re more common in older populations, they’re increasingly noted in younger demographic groups, especially those with histories of anxiety. 

Balance Testing in Birmingham, LA
Balance Testing in Alabama

Should I Have a Balance Test?

Your local ENT clinic will be able to determine if a vestibular assessment is appropriate for you. Common causes for balance disorders include:

  • benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
  • Meniere’s Disease
  • vestibular neuritis/inflammation
  • head trauma
  • medication side effects
  • anxiety and fear 
  • other unaddressed emotional concerns and issues

Common Symptoms of Vestibular Disorders

Symptoms of vestibular disorders typically include: 

  • feelings of movement while standing still
  • room-spinning sensations 
  • tinnitus/ringing in the ears
  • feelings of floatiness 
  • lightheadedness
  • blurred vision 
  • general anxiety (mild or severe)
  • feelings of helplessness and fear

Once your local ENT team diagnoses your specific condition, they can put together a treatment plan to help you return to normal functioning. 


Are Balance Tests Dangerous?

Balance testing is not dangerous. Sometimes, you might have an increase in your symptoms depending on what sort of tests are being performed, though these quickly dissipate. If you are worried about falling down or have issues with active vertigo, our team will make accommodations in our office so that you will be tested safely and with as little discomfort as possible. You can expect your balance evaluation to be performed by a highly-trained team of balance testing specialists close by Birmingham. 

How to Prepare for a Balance Test Near Birmingham

Your local ENT will outline what you need to do in order to prepare for a vestibular assessment. Common guidelines typically include: 

  • wearing comfortable clothing
  • making specific diet changes or fasting
  • stop taking medications a day or more in advance
  • make a list of active or past events in your life that are causing you emotional stress

Emotions and Vestibular Issues

Recent studies show that while short-term vertigo and balance problems can usually be attributed to physical causes, long-term or chronic dizziness has an underlying emotional component that prevents the vestibular system from readjusting to normal once the physical cause is addressed or the infection resolves. 

Stress, anger, and anxiety, especially in those who have perfectionistic and self-critical tendencies, serve as an efficient fuel source for chronic dizziness. Sometimes people don’t even realize how much current and past emotional traumas or life stress impact their dizziness. Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD), Mal de Débarquement Syndrome (MdDS), and other forms of long-term unsteadiness or feelings of floating can be gently alleviated and even outright eliminated by reestablishing confidence in your body’s ability to heal and adjust to normalcy by addressing anxiety and anger.

You are a human who is undergoing the trials and tribulations of being a human in a stressful world. Don’t be afraid to bring up emotional feelings, from the present or the past, with your doctor or medical team, especially if you notice your chronic symptoms move around your body or fluctuate in severity. 

Top-Rated Balance Assessment Testing Around Birmingham, AL

balance assessment test is the first step toward recovering from a vestibular disorder. Your doctor will order testing to best determine what’s causing your problems. Dr. Scott Robertson is a highly-trained ENT near Birmingham who has treated several different types of vestibular conditions successfully. If you’re ready to restore a sense of balance to your life, call or email our Alabama balance testing clinic today to schedule an appointment

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