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Balloon Sinuplasty Hoover

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon Sinuplasty Hoover, AL

If you suffer intense pressure and pain from inflamed sinus passages, you could suffer from chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis is the build-up of fluid, which causes severe pain and pressure around your nose and head. Chronic sinusitis is difficult to manage and may require you to take various types of medications continually. In some cases, your sinusitis could be so bad that you end up needing surgery to find relief. To help patients with their chronic sinusitis, ENT specialists would have to surgically open the nasal cavity by removing bone and tissue to help drain the fluid.

Now, Dr. Robertson offers patients a less invasive treatment called balloon sinuplasty. With this treatment, we insert a balloon catheter through the nostril. It is then gently inflated, which allows drainage and relief to take place. This new innovative technique does not involve cutting or nasal packing. It is now the top procedure used for chronic sinusitis by ENT's near Hoover and across the country.

  • There are several benefits to having balloon sinuplasty:
  • There is no need to have general anesthesia.
  • This procedure is usually done in-office, so there is no stress of a hospital setting
  • There is no bone or tissue removal, as seen with the traditional sinus surgery
  • It is an excellent option for patients who are ineligible for traditional sinus surgery
  • With this procedure, there is a quick recovery

Don't wait any longer to find a solution for your chronic sinusitis. Just a short drive from Hoover, Alabama, Dr. Robertson could relieve you from all your sinus-related pain with the balloon sinuplasty procedure.