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Hearing Aids Near Montgomery, AL

Is it Time for Hearing Aids?

Are you near or around Montgomery, AL, and having issues regarding hearing loss? Don't delay life-changing treatment and allow your daily happiness to drop; renew your hearing to keep you both safe and satisfied. With the help of a trained hearing doctor, you'll be able to hear clearly once again and not suffer needless difficulties. Our ENT clinic, about an hour and a half away from Montgomery, is staffed with the most knowledgeable hearing specialists in Alabama who can help you recapture auditory functionality.

ENT Clinic Visits & Hearing Aids

The first thing done when you arrive at our Birmingham hearing aid clinic (just an hour and a half away from Montgomery) will be to give you an evaluation to establish a baseline of your current auditory skills. During the evaluation, you'll be asked about your quality of life and any work history that could relate to your hearing loss. Ear, nose, and throat screening will be thoroughly performed to ensure that there is no insidious illness leading to your hearing loss as a secondary effect.

Our ENT clinic in Birmingham, an hour and a half away from Montgomery, also offers audiogram services. An audiogram is a test where you are placed inside a soundproof booth while wearing a pair of headphones that play noises at various frequencies and decibels. This will help your audiologist to determine any differences between each ear. The test is painless at all levels, takes less than an hour to complete, and helps narrow down potential problems in the complex ear system. After an audiogram and physical examination, you will be recommended a course of action to restore your hearing.

Hearing aids are prescribed based on the significance of hearing loss. In extreme cases, surgery can be the recommended option, but as most patients have work-related hearing loss or age-related hearing loss, hearing aids typically suffice. An experienced ENT doctor in Alabama will see to it that your hearing restoration program is customized to address your unique auditory restoration needs.

Hearing Aid Services Near Montgomery

Our clinic's hearing services and evaluations include:

  • customized earplugs to protect your hearing at work
  • guidance and education through the complex world of hearing aids and technologies
  • repair recommendations for malfunctioning hearing aids
  • proper hearing aid fitting and operational setup
  • tympanometry services
  • pure tone testing
  • speech recognition services
  • and more!

Contact Us!

If you need hearing aids in Montgomery, our ENT clinic in Birmingham has the knowledge of testing methods required to equip you with the right technologies to restore your quality of life. Even if your hearing is still "serviceable," it's never too early to improve and preserve such an essential human body function. Schedule an appointment with our ENT clinic in Birmingham via email or phone and start protecting your hearing just like your hearing protects you!

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Hearing Aids

We Offer A Variety
Of Hearing Aids

  • CIC or completely in the canal hearing aids are molded to fit inside the ear canal. CIC hearing aids are perfect for adults with mild and moderate hearing loss.

  • ITC or in-the-canal hearing aids are custom-molded but only fit partly in the ear canal. ITC hearing aids are larger than the CIC, but still less visible, and they are ideal for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. They also have more features than the CIC hearing aids.

  • ITE or in-the-ear hearing aids have two styles to choose from: either filling most of the outer ear's bow-shaped area or only the lower part. Both styles work well for those with mild to severe hearing loss.

  • BTE or behind the ear hearing aids are usually what one thinks of when thinking of hearing aids. The BTE hearing aids hook over the tip of the ear to rest behind it. It is suitable for any hearing loss, has a variety of features, and can be more amplified than the other hearing aids.

  • RIC, receiver in canal, or RITE, receiver in the ear have tiny wires connecting the receiver to the hearing aid, making the RIC hearing aid less visible.

If you are in the Montgomery area and need help with your hearing, call Dr. Robertson today to book your appointment at our Birmingham office. We offer our patients a full evaluation so you can find the best hearing aid for your specific needs.