Jul 1st, 2018

Uses for Custom Ear Molds

Custom Ear Molds

If you want to preserve your hearing ability, you should consider getting yourself some custom molded earplugs. When exposed to noisy environments or actively participating in hunting or swimming, you can use ear molds to prevent ear damage. Any noise above 85 decibels could cause hearing loss. So, how can you use ear molds when hunting or swimming? Continue reading below.

Using Ear Molds for Swimming

Having an ear infection is not fun. Apart from the ache that comes with it, you may also suffer a loss of equilibrium and feel off balance. The ear canal has a warm environment, perfect for bacteria to thrive.

Swimmer’s ear is a common infection caused by water trapped inside the ear. Custom ear molds can, however, prevent water from entering your ear canal. These earmolds not only help keep infections at bay but also provide noise reduction for swimmers in busy pools. Some people even use them while in the shower!

Using Ear Molds for Hunting

The sudden loud noises produced during hunting and shooting can harm your ears. But to hunt successfully, you need to be able to hear the people around you, the animals within your vicinity and the rustling sound of the leaves.

If you are a serious hunter, a custom ear mold is the perfect protection for your hearing. This noise protector has an amplifier for any useful sound as well as a digital compressor which suppresses the loud explosions of guns or any other distressing noises. It enables you to hear all that is going on around you while protecting yourself against gunshot noise.

The advanced circuitry embedded in our ear molds allows them to enhance low-level sounds instead of blocking them altogether. Contact Dr. Scott Robertson, M.D. to schedule a free consultation today. He is a leader in the medical field and will work with you to create a custom ear mold that fits your needs.