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Allergists near Center Point, AL, know the priceless value of being able to take in a clean, unobstructed breath of air. When it comes to treating inflamed sinuses, Dr. Scott Robertson and his trained staff seek to restore to patients that simple, functional pleasure. For patients suffering from extreme allergies, it might seem like every season is allergy season. Thankfully, doctors that help with allergies around Center Point can help manage the discomforting conditions that come with exposure to triggering substances. 

allergy relief in Center Point, AL

Allergies Worsen Other Conditions if Left Untreated

Alabama allergists are familiar with several acute allergy triggers and medical conditions that are worsened by exposure to allergens like: 

  • COPD
  • pneumonia
  • bronchitis
  • sinusitis
  • migraines
  • and more

First, your sinuses might feel a little full or stuffy. Then, congestion settles in and frequently worsens with longer exposure to triggering substances. Although starting as a clogged nose with some additional drippage, it soon becomes a pressure-causing mess that leads to sore throats, raspy voices, nagging coughs, and worse. Sensitivities to allergens might worsen at random over time; Center Point allergy patients might even change their primary triggers from one to the other. Common allergens that perform this annoying swap are frequently types of dander and pollen. 

Other Parts of the Body Affected by Allergies

Far from simply causing an adverse reaction in a patient’s airways, allergies impact the stomach, skin, eyes, and more. Eczema and psoriasis worsen with exposure to allergens that touch dermal layers, frequently causing an itch-scratch cycle that continues the itchy feeling even after the allergen has been taken away. Allergy testing around Center Point will be able to narrow down your specific triggers and help treat your conditions accordingly. 

Anaphylactic Shock

A very serious complication known as anaphylactic shock occurs when a patient is exposed to or ingests their allergen and enters a state of bodily shock. If treatment is not rapid enough, a person can slip into a coma as respiratory failure kicks in. For Center Point allergy patients with this level of sensitivity, proper education is paramount to both treat and avoid such reactions. Epipens are prescribed for patients and caretakers as an emergency measure against anaphylactic shock; their operation is explained in-office. 


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Some more severe symptoms include swelling of the mouth, throat, and tongue, which can sometimes lead to difficulty breathing and swallowing. Some people may even experience hives and abdominal pain from their allergies. Seeing Dr. Robertson for your allergies could help you find the relief you need and potentially save your life.

Allergy Testing and Allergy Shots are Just a Short Drive from Center Point

Professional allergy testing throughout Alabama is always done under controlled conditions under the supervision of trained medical staff. Testing for allergies will allow your medical support team to know what your body’s sensitive to so as to better treat your unique health conditions. 

Bolstering the body’s natural resistance to triggering substances is possible with the aid of allergy shots. Top-rated allergy treatments nearby, like rush immunotherapy, can be ideal for patients with busy schedules but who suffer from persistent allergies. Choosing to take an allergy shot is a smart way of being proactive with your body’s defenses by helping it build tolerances in a controlled manner. Scheduling arrangements are available in advance for patients who are traveling or visiting the area and don’t have much time. 

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Do you want to take back control of your life from allergies that limit your ability to enjoy it to the fullest? Dr. Scott Robertson’s ENT clinic near Center Point is ready to help you accomplish just that. Send us an email or give us a call today to learn more about our services and schedule your appointment! 

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