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Our team of allergy experts around Calera, AL, is dedicated to ensuring patients can breathe easily and tackle sinus inflammation without excessive stress. Dr. Scott Robertson is well aware of the impact that allergies can have on one's lifestyle, especially at the height of allergy season. Regrettably, there are individuals who suffer from year-round allergies, constantly feeling like they are fighting against the symptoms. Our team of allergy specialists in Calera has the expertise required to ease the symptoms triggered by severe allergies.

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Neglecting Allergies Can Worsen Other Medical Issues

Our Alabama allergists have a deep understanding of numerous severe allergy triggers and the chronic illnesses that can be exacerbated by not treating allergies, including:

1. Pneumonia
3. Bronchitis
4. Sinusitis
5. Migraines

Experiencing blocked or heavy sinuses is often just the beginning; congestion can quickly worsen when exposed to allergens. What might start as just a bit more nasal discharge can develop into sore throats, ongoing coughs, a raspy voice, and more. Allergies can escalate unpredictably; for example, a slight pet dander allergy could become more severe with regular contact.

Beyond affecting the respiratory system, allergies can also harm the skin, digestive system, and more. Conditions such as psoriasis and eczema may worsen with continuous exposure to allergens, causing an intense cycle of itching and scratching that aggravates the skin condition. This can lead to severe itching, redness of the skin, peeling, infections, and more. Allergy tests in Calera are available to help identify your specific allergens and recommend the right treatment.

Anaphylactic shock is a serious reaction that occurs when a person is exposed to an allergen, causing systemic shock. Immediate action is critical to prevent life-threatening respiratory failure. Educating patients on the severity of their allergies and the importance of avoiding known triggers is crucial. We also offer Epipen training to patients and caregivers to ensure they can respond quickly and effectively in an emergency.

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Severe allergies can cause swelling of the mouth, throat, and tongue, difficulty breathing and swallowing, hives, and abdominal pain. Seeking Dr. Robertson for allergy treatment can provide relief and potentially save life.

Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy Services in Calera

Allergy testing in Alabama is carried out in a secure environment by skilled medical professionals. This allows your healthcare team to determine the exact allergens causing you discomfort and negatively impacting your life. The testing is personalized, considering your health history and symptoms reported. For example, spirometry testing in Calera evaluates how patients react to different inhaled substances, and food tolerance testing helps ensure you're getting the right nutrients while avoiding foods that cause allergic reactions.

Building up your immune system to fight against allergens is possible with allergy shots. Our top-rated allergists in the area provide accelerated immunotherapy for individuals with persistent conditions and busy schedules. Choosing allergy shots is a strategic way to slowly build up your tolerance to allergens. We accommodate those who are traveling for work or heading back home from school.

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Take Control of Your Allergies

Ready to take back control from your allergies and enjoy your life freely? Dr. Scott Robertson and his ENT clinic team near Calera, AL, are here to support and guide you through reclaiming your well-being. Reach out to us by phone or email today to take control of your allergies and to schedule a consultation!

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