Amy's Story: Balloon Sinuplasty

Before Balloon Sinuplasty, my family complained that my snoring was very loud. I snored loudly and I would often wake up with a sore throat. Before I met Dr. Robertson, I would try to prevent a sore throat by wearing a mask when I slept. I have been troubled with snoring for years, since I was a child in Japan.

A friend introduced me to Dr. Robertson. I had never known about Balloon Sinuplasty until I met Dr. Robertson. On the day of the procedure, I spent about three hours total at the surgery center. When I got home, I used ice packs around my nose to help with the minor pain. The day of the procedure and the following day, I felt some minor discomfort, as though I had gotten water up my nose at the pool. After that, the sensation improved gradually and by one week after, it felt mostly normal.

Since I’ve had Balloon Sinuplasty, my family has said I sleep very quietly. I have no sore throat and I feel that I’m sleeping very well. To anyone considering this procedure, talk to your doctor as soon as you can. I highly recommend Balloon Sinuplasty.