Bill's Story: Revision Sinus Surgery

My name is Bill. Doctor Scott Roberson did my Revision Sinus Surgery about two and a half months ago. I’ve been dealing with sinus problems for fifteen years, ever since I was in college. I’ve always dealt with sinus headaches. I would get headaches every once in a while, based off of just sinus pressure. Over the past five years, I've dealt with chronic sinusitis and chronic sinus infections where I could not actually get rid of sinus infections with antibiotics or medication. My sinus problems have always given me headaches. I always felt pressure in my forehead. I have been dealing with them for a really long time, and antibiotics and the other medications, the nasal sprays, would not get rid of my sinus infections. I initially heard about Doctor Robertson on the radio, and I have a neighbor that actually had surgery and was doing allergy shots with Doctor Robertson, and I talked with her, and she recommended Dr. Robertson, so I scheduled an appointment.

I had one previous surgery. After the two or three week healing period, they still had me on nasal sprays, and I still had the congestion and the blockage and the pressure in my forehead. After my surgery with Doctor Roberson, I had a complete change in the way I could breathe. From day one from the first day after my surgery I could breathe better; it felt more open. I didn’t have any issues with the PROPEL stent. I actually had, what I feel, were great results from the PROPEL stent. I did not have to use any pain medication. Doctor Roberson, he takes the time to explain to you your options. He took the time to explain to me everything that was going on in my sinuses. He explained to me what would be best, and just took the time to tell me what I needed to do.