Zahn & Madison's Story: Balloon Sinuplasty

Before Madison had the balloon sinuplasty she was very congested. She kept chronic sinus infections all the time we had a hard time going outside or being around animals without her basically developing another sinus infection and having to be on another round of antibiotics, it really affected her going to school a lot and playing sports. It limited her to not being able to play softball as much. We ended up having a CT scan and Dr. Robertson showed us from there that she was having a lot of trouble breathing and her sinuses really were being affected. We came to the decision with Dr. Robertson to have the balloon sinuplasty after so many rounds of her antibiotics were not they eventually stopped working.

Her recovery after the procedure was phenomenal. She actually made gingerbread houses later that evening and she was able to go back to school very very quickly and she had a really great recovery she can actually breathe a lot better. She just made a comment two nights ago that she can breathe and she could smell things now and she can breathe and she doesn't have to worry about you know staying sick all the time.

It’s amazing it has helped her with school tremendously. She's always been a great student but now that she's able to attend school nearly every day because she is making straight A's and she is able to do sports and she can play outside. We don't have to worry about so much makeup work and trying to get back and forth with teachers on all of that. She's continued to make straight A's since so she's well now is very beneficial. She did great with it.