April's Story: Allergy Shots

I'm April Corey and I’m an allergy patient of Dr. Robertson. Prior to 2013, when I began allergy shots with Dr. Robertson, I was experiencing seasonal allergies, particularly in the spring and again in the fall. And over time they seemed to be getting worse, and the seasonal allergies would persist anywhere from five to ten days, and would always result in having to see a doctor to get the symptoms to alleviate over time. So I almost always would have to have a cortisone shot or something medically to help me be able to recover that. I would either have a very difficult time working during that seasonal allergy symptoms or, at many points in time, I wasn’t able to work at all day to the colds that would manifest out of the allergies.

Prior to seeing Doctor Roberson for my allergy symptoms, I tried to take over-the-counter medication for allergies with little to no success. Usually the symptoms would persist for five to ten days or longer and until a point where I would have to go to a walk-in clinic to try to seek some medical attention. Always, I would end up having to get a cortisone shot. Because I would have to do that at least two times a year, in the spring and the fall, I began to be concerned about the long-term effects would be of taking cortisone shot so frequently. And then year after year of taking cortisone shots I began to see that they were becoming less and less effective for me over time.

Prior to starting allergy shots, I was allergy tested and was very surprised to see exactly how much I was allergic to. After getting the results of the allergy testing, to me, it was a very simple solution that I would need to begin taking allergy shots. One great thing about taking allergy shots from Doctor Robertson is that they have very flexible hours. I'm able to come in early before my work day, and I can easily accommodate having to have this treatment without having any issue of trying to work it into my daily schedule.

Allergy shots have affected my life in a dramatic way. I think a lot of people want to use the trendy term that it’s changed their life, but it actually really has been a life-changing impact for me. I've gone from having probably anywhere from 10 to 20 days a year that I am suffering with allergy symptoms, carrying around a box of Kleenex, and missing time from work—usually somewhere between five to seven days of work I miss each year—to now, I'm actually experiencing little to no seasonal allergies in the spring and very mild seasonal allergies in the fall.

As I see other people who are suffering from allergies, I don't hesitate to inform them about the success that I've had taking allergy shots with Doctor Robertson. It doesn't matter how old that you may be, it's never too late to address the problem that you are already having. If you’re experiencing little to no success on trying to manage it on your own, there's a much better way they can yield great results for you as it has for me.