Carly's Story: Balloon Sinuplasty

Christie: I'm Christie. This is my daughter, Carly, and she's eight years old, and we had the sinuplasty procedure done back in December. We were experiencing a lot of problems with the sinus congestion and all kinds of sleep problems and headaches and different things. We talked to Doctor Scott about what we could do, and Carly can probably tell you some things that were going on beforehand.

Carly: Lots of headaches, and I didn’t really feel good. And my nose was really stuffed up, and my eyes were hurting right here. And I really just really didn’t feel that good, and I had a really bad cough.

Christie: We were cycling through one round of antibiotics after the other, which also caused its own set of problems, and the fatigue, I would say, it is probably the part that we dealt with the most, because she was always tired and did not sleep well. It seemed like we were coming in for office visits constantly which interrupted school, and also interrupted activities. We were always having to check out of school for doctors’ visits. Before the procedure, we were basically just being treated by our pediatrician with just random antibiotics to try to cure some of the symptoms, which basically, in my opinion, was just putting, you know, just a Band-Aid on a chronic problem.

Carly: After the balloon, I was feeling much better, and my sinuses were all gone. After a week or so, I was back to gymnastics, and I could hang upside down and do whatever I wanted to do, and it felt just fine.

Christie: It's been wonderful for us. I noticed a difference and her behavior and her activity level due to the lack of fatigue that we were experiencing before. I would ask her every day, you know, ‘How are you feeling? How are you feeling?’ She felt better and better every day. Other parents that are considering the balloon procedure, I would definitely do your research on your own, and then I would definitely talk to a specialist, an ENT, like Doctor Scott Roberson. And you know, do your homework, but I would recommend it if you're having the chronic sinus infections, and you feel that your child is suffering from these same things that I've discussed, then I would definitely consider it because it worked for us.