Carter's Story: Allergy Shots

Mom: Carter’s symptoms before coming to this office: we had lots of problems going outside, just being a regular kid, going outside and playing, and he would come back in, and he’d have spots all over him and he would have the watery eyes.

Dad: Asthma attacks, he’d get hives, he was constantly stuffy. It kind of breaks your heart, you know, seeing your kid that can’t go outside and play, and then you’ve got one kid that’s outside, so watching him think that something's wrong with him was the biggest factor with us. You’re trying to instill in him that nothing's wrong with him, it was just, you know, a part of life, you know, that some kids are sicker than others and, you know, trying to help him know that we're working trying to figure out how to help him so he can get out there.

We’ve spent multiple trips to the doctor's office because of Carter’s symptoms and they got to where they knew Carter as soon as he walked in the door. He went straight back, put on the breathing machines to get monitored and stuff. We had a couple of times that they called and we had to go straight to the ER, and spend days at the ER.

Mom: It affected us because we couldn’t go to the pool some days. Just being outside just around just normal trees and grass and just him going to the park and playing it was just hard for him to just be outside just with those environmental factors.

We have two pets. What are our pet's names?

Carter: Bella and Sophie.

Mom: And every time you’d get around them, what would happen?

Carter: Asthma.

Mom: His asthma would kick in. He’d have a hard time breathing. He’d have itchy, watery eyes.

Dad: When we went to the pediatrician, all they wanted to do was cover up the symptoms and just treat the symptoms that he had. When we went to the first visit at the doctor’s office, they wanted to figure out what was the cause.

Mom: To assess Carter, Doctor Robertson did an allergy test and a breathing test. The breathing test confirmed that he did have asthma. The treatment that Doctor Roberson recommended Carter was Singulair and allergy shots once a week. Since being on allergy shots, we have not been to the emergency room any.

Dad: Hey Carter, what’s your favorite part about coming to Doctor Robertson's office?

Carter: Getting the sucker.

Dad: What do you have to do to get the sucker?

Carter: Get shots.

Not inside anymore. No runny noses. I can play with my dogs now. I can play outside with the other kids. Dr. Robertson’s sweet to me. I try to make me feel better, not sneezing.

Since being on allergy shots, Carter can now do the things he loves outside without worrying about his allergies.