Danielle's Story: Revision Sinus Surgery

My name is Danielle. Dr. Robertson did a Revision Sinus Surgery on my sinuses about two and a half months ago. I feel like I have been dealing with sinus problems pretty much my entire life. I'm a singer, so when everything that’s connected to your voice is not functioning at 100 percent, then you can't function at 100 percent, and there's been a lot of times that I haven’t been able to perform or have completely lost my voice. It’s kind of a big deal when you’re a performer, and so I lost a lot of jobs, and became not as dependable as I would like to have been because I was sick all the time.

Well this time, Dr. Robertson used something called the Propel stent, and the recovery process was lightyears better than the first time around. The first time, it took a couple of weeks to recover; this time, I felt better in a couple of days. My result from the surgery has been a lot better than expected, actually. I expected to still be kind of feeling some residual swelling from the surgery and still kind of in recovery at this point. I'm two and a half months out and I feel pretty great!

I think if somebody is thinking about changing your ENT, they should switch to Dr. Robertson, because he thinks in terms of what is best for his patients, as opposed to just do the same surgery for everybody. He accommodates the surgery—he accommodates his treatment—to the patient, rather than just doing the same thing for everybody. He’s open to new procedures, he's always researching new options for people, and offering what is best for them.