Deborah's Story: Balloon Sinuplasty

Hi, I'm Deborah Peterson, and I've had sinus issues for several years, but the last two years have been really bad. After seeing my family physician for the last two years and having several bad infections, he suggested I come see Doctor Robertson to see if there was an underlying problem that was causing all these infections. I could not breathe through both sides my nostrils at any time. I couldn't sleep at night because I’d have to open my mouth and breathe through my mouth, and that make very hard on the whole family, not just me.

He saw that I had a lot of blockage, and to remove that tissue was his first issue but in order to open up my sinus cavities he thought that the Balloon Sinuplasty would be the best procedure to use—that I would get the best results from that.

Recovery from the procedure was great. I had no problems whatsoever. I had surgery on Thursday. Friday, I felt great. Saturday I was little stuffy just because of the swelling, but Sunday it was just about gone, and Monday I felt like going back to work.

I have not had a single sinus infection in the last few months. I do not have sinus headaches every day. I feel great. I can breathe through my nose no matter how I'm laying down or sitting up or whatever. I can breathe again. The recovery is great from it, and I would do it again.

Take Doctor Robertson’s advice. If he says that the Balloon Sinuplasty will work for you, then do it as soon as you can.