Don't Let Your Allergies Ruin 2019!

Don't Let Your Allergies Ruin 2019!

Do you suffer from allergies which are severe enough to interfere with your life? Have you tried different medications that do not help with your symptoms? Well, you do not have to let your allergies ruin 2019 because with allergy shots you can enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family.

Allergy Symptoms
Allergic reactions are caused by your immune symptom producing antibodies because it thinks the substance is harmful. The severity of allergies varies among people and ranges from mild irritation to anaphylaxis which can which can be life-threatening. The symptoms you experience depend on what you are allergic to; for example, hay fever causes sneezing, a runny, stuffy, and itchy nose or watery, itchy, red, or swelled up eyes. An allergic reaction to an insect bite causes a large, red, swollen area on the skin by the sting site and hives over your entire body.

Allergy Shots
For those who suffer from moderate to severe allergies which medications do not help and the symptoms are intolerable, the doctor may recommend allergy shots, which are a form of immunotherapy that works great for airborne allergens and insect bites. Patients are given weekly shots containing small amounts of allergens and doctors gradually increase the time between the shots until you begin maintenance shots. Maintenance shots are then administered once a month for about five years. The goal is to get your body to build immunity so symptoms will ease or stop altogether.

Rush Immunotherapy
Rush immunotherapy is a quicker way to reach maintenance doses through rapid desensitization. It basically reduces the time period for the initial shots, building up to maintenance shots from in about six weeks instead of six months. You receive shots daily rather than once a week so that you reach the maintenance dose faster and then the shots are given monthly for the next several years.

Having allergies can increase your risk of asthma, sinusitis, and infections in your ears or lungs. Severe allergies interfere with your life when symptoms are hard to control with medications. Both of these are excellent reasons to try immunotherapy for your allergies so you can enjoy yourself without constant, intolerable symptoms.