Jerry Elliott's Story: Balloon Sinuplasty

I came to see Dr. Robertson because I was having problems sleeping my breathing wasn’t real good through my nasal cavities and had headaches. I'd have a lot of drainage. My grandkid likes to play and it's hard to play with them with these problems.

It just got to a point where the bad headaches got worse and so I had to have help prior to seeing my daughter. I had very invasive sinus surgeries and the first one I had was back in 87 and a few years later he came back when I came in for the balloon sinuplasty procedure it was probably the whole thing.

The procedures involved sticking a balloon up your nose, which you cannot feel, and they blow them up until you hear a crackling sound. You will feel a bit of pressure but no pain. It was really simple to me and the recovery from the balloon sinuplasty procedure was real quick. The next day I was back doing my normal stuff and I don't think I had I took an Advil once.

My life is totally different now since I had the procedure. I played with my grandkids a lot and I don't have headaches anymore. I've had that traditional sinus surgery twice it failed both times and this has been a lot better than that. I would recommend it to anyone.