Judy's Story: Hearing Aids

Hi, I’m Judy Ross. I own JR Home Remodeling Company, and what brought me to Jennifer and Dr. Robertson was my partner got tired of me making him repeat. I realized several years ago that my hearing was going, but I guess I was too vain to get hearing aids at the time. Maybe vanity, I don’t know, kept me from coming until a couple of my clients turned around and said, “You are missing half of what we’re saying.” I think the most problem people have is number one, vanity—they don’t want anybody to know they’re wearing hearing aids, or most important is the background noise—everybody complains about background noise.

We tried one set—the kind that stick down in your ears, and I didn’t wear them because of the background noise, which is what most people complain about. So we switched to another kind. I love them, and they’re so comfortable that I fall asleep in them, forgetting that I’m wearing them.

And then after I’d worn them for a while, I found that you could order this accessory, this Bluetooth, so if my phone is on me or if it’s somewhere where I’ve put it down and forgotten, which I do a lot, and it rings, I can do anything that I can do on my phone on this little Bluetooth.

I would recommend if you think you’ve got a problem, if you find yourself having to ask people to repeat to you, come in and let Jennifer test you. I mean, it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t take very long. You may find out that you don’t have to wear them at all. But I know in my business, with my clients, and just with myself, I feel like I’m back in the world.