Kareem's Story: Sinus Surgery & Allergy Shots

Hi, my name is Kareem Beasley. I’m a detective with the Birmingham police department, and I’ve been suffering with sinus problems for the past 12 years. Prior to seeing Dr. Robertson, my symptoms would normally consist of nasal drainage, sinus congestion, and head pressure. My day-to-day life was complicated with sinus issues because it just made it hard for me to work. The problems would consist of excessive sinus drainage; I would sneeze a lot of times. Being a police officer, I would have to be in the field on a daily basis, so coming into contact with the various trees and pollen types, it just made it hard to just get through the day. I was suffering on a daily basis. I would talk with colleagues, family members, and I was referred to Dr. Robertson as being an excellent ENT, so I decided to try him out.

The experience with sinus surgery, believe it or not, was great. I came in to see Dr. Robertson. He performed a series of tests, which consisted of an allergy test. He put me on an antibiotic regimen, but my case was so severe that he referred me over to a physician and they conducted a CT scan. The CT scan showed that I had just severe polyps, and so Dr. Robertson decided to perform the sinus surgery, which was great. It was painless, and I had a fast recovery time, and look at me now—I feel great.

Sinus surgery has made a tremendous difference. I’m able to enjoy the great outdoors. I’m able to spend time with my son now as we can walk and play in the park because, being on my allergy regimen, I’m able to just enjoy fresh air and not have to worry about pollen and the trees. And I definitely would do it again, but he did such a great job the first time, I don’t think I’ll need the surgery again.

It is not difficult at all to receive your allergy shots. The entire process from coming in the door to leaving maybe takes three to five minutes. The receptionist takes my name; the nurses have all of my meds ready. I walk in and I walk out, so everything is perfect.

If a person is tired of dealing with allergy and sinus problems, I would tell them to give Dr. Robertson a call. He’s the man with the plan—if he can fix me, he can fix you.