Nicholas' Story: Revision Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Hi, my name is Nicholas Turner. I came to Dr. Robertson due to my allergy problems that I’ve been having for around ten years. I suffered from sinus problems for 10 years or more, and I decided to seek help from Dr. Robertson. I found out about Dr. Robertson through a fellow police officer. He had been suffering from the same type of symptoms, and he had a great experience, so I decided to come check him out.

My results were great. I felt relief immediately after the surgery. I could breathe immediately after, and I felt back to normal within two days and started asking Dr. Robertson if I could go back to work. I would choose Dr. Robertson over another ENT because he really takes the time to show you what’s going on and really explain what is happening with your case, and really seems to take an interest in everybody that he talks to.