Sarah's Story: Sinus Surgery & Allergy Shots

My name is Sarah, and I have suffered from allergies and chronic sinus infections for most of my life. Prior to seeing Dr. Robertson, I was having colds or sinus infections around 3-5 times a year. My sinus and allergy problems affected my daily life by making me exhausted all the time. No energy to do the exercise and things that I enjoyed like playing tennis, and I was missing work very frequently.

20% of the population suffers from seasonal allergies.

Dr. Robertson determined that I had both sinus and allergy problems after treating me for several different infections, as well as putting me on several different medications. He decided to do a CT scan of my sinuses, as well as allergy testing, and at that point, we found out that I definitely had allergies and sinus infection. I honestly thought it was normal to have seasonal allergies. I thought that with the weather change or with the pollen, that you just get sick, and that’s what everybody does. I didn’t realize that it doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to get sick every season.

Birmingham is the 6th worst city in the USA for seasonal allergies.

The other doctors that I had seen prior to seeing Dr. Robertson seemed to just always send me home with Z-pack, Z-pack, and more Z-pack. And I never got better, and nobody ever questioned why I kept getting sick. What makes Dr. Robertson different from the other doctors that I’ve seen is that he is really more proactive, as opposed to being reactive. He actually looked at what was the underlying cause of my problem, and why I was getting sick, and tried to fix that, as opposed to just continuously treating my symptoms.

Treatment options for chronic sinusitis include Balloon Sinuplasty and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.

The experience of having sinus surgery was actually not that bad. I was pretty apprehensive at first, but if given the same situation again, I would make the same decision to move forward with the surgery. Since the sinus surgery, I have not had one sinus infection, and while I do get some cold symptoms, they typically go away on their own and are much milder.

As far as my symptoms are concerned, the allergy medications just treat my symptoms. The allergy shots are actually fixing the root of the problem. It actually is not difficult at all to get allergy shots. They have extended hours, it’s very convenient, and you’re typically in and out.

The staff at Dr. Robertson’s office is absolutely wonderful. I actually look forward to seeing them every week. They’ve gotten to where they know my family and they ask about my son, and I actually enjoy going to visit them. I have complete confidence in Dr. Robertson and his staff. Given the success that I’ve had from my allergy shots and from my surgery, I trust him now with my entire family.

I would tell someone who’s tired of dealing with both sinus and allergy symptoms to stop just treating the symptoms. You don’t have to live with sinus infections and allergy symptoms. Go see Dr. Robertson. He can absolutely help you.