Sherry's Story: Cosmetic Surgery

I’m Sherry. I’ve been seeing Dr. Robertson now for different procedures, both functional and cosmetic, for about 10 years. The procedure for Botox is very simple. It’s very—it’s virtually painless. The needles are very small. It’s really just a pinch here and there. In and out in about 5 or 10 minutes; it doesn’t take long at all. What I like about Botox is that it smooths out my wrinkles. I’ve always had lots of lines on my forehead, even when I was younger. It’s pretty affordable, it’s painless, it’s quick, and it’s a great job of lift and smoothing out wrinkles.

I decided to do Sculptra because as I approached my forties, I had some lax in my skin. Lots of sagging here around my naso-labial folds that’s genetic, and it just kind of gave my back what we had when we were younger, the kind of baby fat in your skin. When Dr. Robertson told me about it, he thought it might be beneficial to me and so once I read about it and he answered all my questions, it just seemed like a great thing to try. I’m very pleased with the results from Sculptra. I have been so excited to see the volume replaced in my face that I’ve lost due to natural aging. I plan to continue doing Sculptra as long as I can.

I chose Dr. Robertson for Sculptra mainly because I’ve known him for so long, and he tends to be a perfectionist, which is a good quality in a cosmetic surgeon. I’ve known him for years, he’s done different types of procedures, and treated my family as well as even done some surgeries even on my children. So he’s a great physician, a great cosmetic surgeon, and I trust him.

Dr. Robertson operated on my nose because I was having a combination of ear, nose, and throat issues, along with I had some cosmetic concerns. I was never happy with the tip of my nose and the shape, and so he was able to address both of the problems that I had.

My experience with my nasal surgery was a very positive one. Dr. Robertson was great through the whole experience. He listened to me and he addressed all the issues and questions and things that I had. And I received excellent care from the nurses and the facility, and I think I’ve actually sent probably four or five—probably more than that—patients to him after my surgery. I was very pleased.

I would recommend Dr. Robertson for these surgeries and procedures over other doctors because he’s an ear, nose, and throat physician as well as being a cosmetic surgeon. He’s great at what he does. He works with children and adults and everyone in between, and I trust him. He’s an excellent doctor and a good person.